About Alphora

Alphora was formed in 2000 as the tools division of a financial services software company. The division was built around the idea that most of the tasks inherent in the development of software are automatable. Over the years that followed, the company built the Dataphor product as an evolutionary next step beyond traditional application frameworks. In 2007, the founders of Alphora broke with the parent company to form Database Consulting Group LLC, and subsequently acquired the Alphora name along with the Dataphor product. In order to promote adoption and development of the platform, Alphora is now hosting Dataphor as an open-source project under the Dataphor License

In addition to Dataphor, Alphora is also currently involved in a number of projects including their new columnar-based data storage device called Fastore. To learn more about the Fastore product see the Fastore product page.