Dataphor is an open-source application development platform designed to allow more declarative software development. It does this by automating many of the tasks involved in the creation and maintenance of database applications. The Dataphor Server provides a logical abstraction of database management systems, while Dataphor Frontend provides a logical abstraction of user interface definitions. Alphora Dataphor allows developers to focus on the creation of the core data model and underlying process logic. Based on the given data model, Dataphor dynamically derives user interfaces and enforces business rules. This data-centric approach, which is enabled by Dataphor’s query processor and data dictionary, enables developers to focus on what it is they are modeling rather than the implementation details, shield themselves from the limitations and diversity of existing data sources, and produce more flexible applications in less time.


  • Building software applications quickly
  • Data integration/migration tasks
  • Teaching/learning about relational theory


  • Centralized and extensible data dictionary
  • Dynamic user interface derivation
  • Declarative environment for business rules
  • Multiple clients from a single description
  • Rich data manipulation algebra


  • Database Management System (DMBS) written in C# for the version 2.0 .NET Framework
  • Compiler and runtime for D4 language
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for:
    • Editing and executing D4
    • Browsing the data dictionary catalog
    • Analyzing execution plans
    • Visually building forms, or customizing derived forms
  • Windows Forms based thin client
  • ASP.NET based web server thin "client"
  • Libraries to access SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and a few other data sources
  • Libraries for standard programming tasks as well as web related tasks.