False Alarm Reduction System (FARS) is an accounting and management solution developed with the expertise that comes from more than 50 years of CPA experience with cities, counties and other government agencies. Alphora understands the increasing scrutiny imposed on cities, counties and metropolitan jurisdictions regarding funding, auditing, and general accounting practices. FARS utilizes the innovative and flexible technology platform developed with Dataphor, an Alphora product. Dataphor is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and is a complete development environment. This platform allows both a Windows and Web client access to the FARS application, and operates on today's major database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server. The enterprise-level architecture scales to fit the data and user volume of various organizations, from a single-user operation to a large metropolitan jurisdiction. 

FARS is a proven alarm registration, billing and tracking system for local governments who are committed to reducing false alarm incidents in their law enforcement jurisdictions. Many cities, counties and metropolitan jurisdictions have existing dispatch, CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), and RMS (Record Management Systems), but do not have the accounting and collection solution to assist with enforcing their false alarm ordinance. Local governments with a reasonably designed alarm (burglar or fire) ordinance ensures a reduction in false alarm incidents. Alarm reduction programs using a sound false alarm billing software application helps to ensure they are billing, collecting & accounting for permits and fines for excessive false alarms.

The FARS application integrates well with various applications such as CAD/RMS, government finance, bulk-mail vendor, collection agency, and financial institution lockbox operation. The FARS Web Portal provides an inquiry and payment system to reduce in-house customer servicing. Built–in automated routines facilitate collecting unprocessed false alarms, invoicing and lockbox payment processing. These unattended processes are monitored by the system providing successful and un-successful rules based notifications to a managed distribution list via email.